Friday, February 12, 2010

How do I prevent mice from coming back?

My husband and I are moving into a house that has been empty for about 6 months. The landlady says the previous people had mice. Their poop is all over the kitchen. I don't think there are mice now, since the place has been empty, but, how do we prevent them from coming back?

ThanksHow do I prevent mice from coming back?
Stuff steel wool in all openings - like by the radiators and set traps bated with peanut butter.How do I prevent mice from coming back?
ask them to borrow money
get a cat my cat often brings me dead mice as gifts, not that I want them though
Set mouse traps or poison (they do really work). Also you can buy this device that emits a signal that wards out mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches etc., it is harmless to cats and dogs but if you have small animals such as rabbits or hamsters because it will effect them too.
Call the Pied Piper.
Maybe set mouse traps?
Remove all Cheese.
First clean everything. Keep all food in Tupperware. Check outside to be sure there are no openings they can get thru; caulk or repair as needed.. Set out some glue traps to see if there is any new activity. If so, it's best to get a professional. My son's last apartment smelled foul. They were living in the walls!

Good Luck!

Renata Grace
they are most likely not far away if they have vacated the house %26amp; they will be back when you move in

i live in the country and i get mice every fall, and sometimes when it is really rainy

i replaced all the baseboards, and instead of nailing or screwing them on i used liquid nails and glued them on

you can buy products at the hardware store for every hole you have to put in so that mice can't get through, like under the kitchen sink and around cable wires and the drier vent
Why are you moving into a place with mouse poop all over it? Good luck with that. Get a cat, maybe? I don't know. You would probably need to block their entry points...under the sink in the kitchen, etc. but how would you find them all? Mice have a way of getting in.

LOL above answers!
Do what ';puma'; said about the steel wool. Also if it's really bad you'll have to have an exterminator come out on a regular basis because they could be in your walls or floor boards. Mice are a bi*** because they're so adaptable.
Don ' nt think it twice, buy a cat.隆
First of all, be very careful when you clean the kitchen - you might want to wear a face mask so you don't breath in any dust from their droppings. You can buy D-Con at any grocery store, it's usually on the laundry detergent aisle. You put the opened boxes of D-Con under the stove, fridge and at the back of your bottom cupboards. The mice will eat it, and crawl away to die.

Keep all your food in plastic containers, and be sure to clean up any crumbs after eating - if there isn't any food for them, they'll go elsewhere. And finally, consider getting a cat to police the house. I get mice in my brand new house when it turns cold in autumn, even though I have tried to plug every hole and other point where they might be getting into the house. Good luck!
Don't cut the cheese!
first locate where the are entering from holes or cracks in the walls or floorborads mark them go to a hardware store and buy some steel wool and fill the cracks the steel wool has to be changed every 3 months or leave a cap full of coke a cola in each room but the down side is if they die in the wall well u know you
CAT. We had rat problems and the landlord could never get rid of them. Pest company, traps, etc. So I got a cat, even though I wasn't supposed to. WORKED great. He never said anything because I think he knew it worked.

Oh, and don't use glue traps unless you want to see live baby mice squealing for their lives. You might not like the mice, but that is the worst thing in the world to see.

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